Getting Traffic to Your Website – SEO With Manual Social Bookmarking (PT6)

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10 thoughts on “Getting Traffic to Your Website – SEO With Manual Social Bookmarking (PT6)

  • sandeep kumar

    how i generate more traffic throuugh social bookmarking

  • MoneyIsTheMotive1759

    Hi Dan why is it that you should only go for 20-30 manual bookmarks why not more

  • colier1

    Dan my question is, when I post a link on my website that sends you to a product on amazon how do I get paid? Is there another program I need or how does amazon or Google know to pay me for a click on a link also where does the payment go?

  • the man the myth

    Someone had ask a similar question from your other vids, imma ask again….
    Lets say you create a new article post, apart from just sharing it on your various Social Media sites, should you ALSO use social bookmarks as a standard kind of thing? like buy 20-25, not going overboard from Fivver and the like? If so, should it be done for every important article each month? What else do you recommend? how about social signals I see them selling on fiver?

  • SuDDeNxSkillz

    How do you actually get paid?

  • Neviilz

    Hey Dan! Great Series.
    Are you still interested in shopify you mentioned in the video?

  • WoWzX9

    Hi Dan!

    In your course you say we should get 200 social bookmarks, here its 20-30. Why has it changed and which one do you prefer?

  • ckhang

    What is the plugin to see stats?

  • This Life Is Not Pretend TV

    Hello Dan it is Christopher I really needed this information thank you.

  • Spencer Gowey

    Thanks for creating this free course man. Will definitely consider getting the full system soon!

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