How Google Ranks Website in 2016 | Bangla SEO Tutorial

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9 thoughts on “How Google Ranks Website in 2016 | Bangla SEO Tutorial


    Best tutorial in bangla….

  • Youtubers Rj

    Vaiya Kamon Acan, Thanks Vaiya Apner SEO Tutorial Gulo Ami Prai Deki
    & Seo Ta Sikta Ugrohi Ami Apnader Devs Team It Institute A Seo Full
    Course Korta Cai…….Apnar Devs IT INSTITUTE Kothay & Seo Full
    Course koto Taka Bolban ki.

  • rufinus ondieki

    Is it in English?

  • The Shopnil

    Vai, apni kun screen recorder app use koren volle aktu valo hobe

  • Ahmed sujan

    boro amar blog page ta first page anbo ki vabe?

  • shameem hasan

    Bro! it was relay wonderful.

  • Mm Raihan

    language not clear. Please do the clear voice.

  • Hurain Loba Kisa

    Actually, I am a Social Media Marketer. I watch many lessons in the home of all your posting tutorial But I need a LinkedIn Marketing Tutorial. Your Tutorial are very informative and effective for us. But I want a LinkedIn Tutorial and also Say – You are generous !

  • Arafat Hussain


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