How To Do SEO For Website

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12 thoughts on “How To Do SEO For Website

  • TheProdisplay

    Thx bro! Nice video!! Greetings from Argentina!!

  • James

    Super. I used bold, underline, etc years ago and stopped doing it not realizing that it still was a good idea. Keep it coming, standing by for your next.

  • Shujain Ali

    Next video you should be helpful. If you break down keyword research, estimate time how much it will take for a particular keywords to rank, how much leads we expect we will get from that keyword and how much links It will take.

  • Dre Da Silva

    Great content. 
    Can you do a video on getting high pr authoritative Dofollow backinks to websites from available sources ie. blog commenting, guest posting, forums etc.

  • Don Bonnell

    Paul, thanks for being so open with your information. Good solid instruction here, as usual without the filler

  • Don Bonnell

    Nice showing the Foreign SEO few show this

  • Cary Huff

    Next video: Keywords.

  • Cary Huff

    What software do you use when making these videos where you're in the lower right hand corner, and we can see your computer screen at the same time? Thanks.
    Great value. 61 likes. ;)

  • kelly a

    Good vid! Are you using Thrive Themes?

  • Peter Fry

    who does your video editing…..excellent!

  • Body Beyond Fit

    This is good information. i know you have shown me this before but, I always felt overwhelmed. I have been sticking with you for awhile. I am excited about the process of moving forward thanks to you. I am gonna give this a try. Thank you Paul.

  • albert tavasci

    Thank you for the quick hit video of a specific subject…..

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