How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing for more Sales (Amazon SEO)

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18 thoughts on “How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing for more Sales (Amazon SEO)

  • Rapha Lopes

    Nice insights, thank you!

  • Columbus Freeman


  • Mariana Mena

    May I ask you for some advice on selling handmade jewelry?

  • Make Money Online Blog

    excellent video, to watch more similar video click photo

  • Amirab Ltd

    This is really great Thanks.

  • Rocco i

    Great info guys, much appreciated!!!

  • AquariumBros!

    Is HTML use not getting people banned?

  • Saiyan God

    u sir are a genius indeed, approved by the one and only Prince Vegeta.
    you should thank me for not obliterating you

  • Seattle GK

    Google keyword tool is so 2000 late. Google is crap. Google is going down and losing buyer traffic to Amazon every day. Amazon is the source for keywords, not PPC on Google. Different agenda. Google is more research keywords, Amazon has completely different set of keywords that buyers search for. You need Amazon specific keywords and there software that gives you that.

  • J Marshall

    At the beginning he says to GOTO 'Google Keyword Planner Tool', and quickly puts a page for keywords on the video screen. BUT he doesn't tell you how to find or navigate to that page he is showing. Google Keyword planner is for Adwords and pushes the user to write ads for Google. A look at the current Adwords page does NOT give any navigation information to get the page the author is showing. He probably has lots of good ideas, but this diversion without details on the important 'KEYWORDS' ended my watching at about 2 minutes.

  • Rolands Petrevics

    I love every video on this channel! Glad that I found it!

  • Niki M

    Thanks for the amazing video! Would this be applicable to Handmade at Amazon items? I would LOVE for you to do a video on how to optimize handmade items.

  • Rashanna Elahi

    Great and thorough tutorial!! One of the best, clean cut instructional videos available. Nice and clear voice inflection and continuous, knowledgeable flow. This is sooooo appreciated! I feel like I'm tuning in to Honest Few University! Thank you so much for your valuable content!

  • j k

    Thank you. That was extremely helpful.

  • Samboy666

    I tried using HTML thing. I'm totally new to this so sorry if this is a silly question.

    I opened a word document and wrote the 1st bit of a paragraph that I want to use in an item description. I did the greater than and less than symbols one with p in it the other with /p in it at the start of the sentence and the other at the end . When it pasted it into my amazon listing it says the value specified is invalid. any ideas why?

  • Christopher Gritton

    fantastic. the part about html for product description was really excellent.
    good work guys.

  • Chase Reiner SEO

    Thank you this is amazing SEO information. What do you think about my playlists? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM hidden techniques as well.

  • david pettersson

    Where do I find the Google Keyword Planner tool?

    Thanks for the awsome video!

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