How to SEO your WordPress Website using Yoast

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17 thoughts on “How to SEO your WordPress Website using Yoast

  • John Thomson

    Great easy to follow video… Thank you!!

  • franc66

    Thanks for the tips :-)

  • Series 5 Web Design and SEO

    Great tips! Thanks for this video! I make similar videos, if you want to check it out and give me some feedback.


    Awesome vid, thanks man.

  • sarah ramsay

    So awesome, thank you!

  • Kevin Hauff

    #Armon McCord Thanks for clearing up the HTML tag for Google search console, did get is till now. @Babul Hazra
    This is really cool. I will make sure to check out more of your channel later. When you can spare a minute come over to check out my training website See you later

  • Alex Serrano

    I enjoyed your channel:) Hows is it going?

  • crescentlady

    I use your videos for my WordPress trainings (for reference afterwards). Thank you so much for making these very clean and clear instructions!

  • ashok chavada

    Very helpful dude!

  • Ignite Your Fire _Unleash

    This was really helpful. thank you very much

  • প্রবাস জীবন মালয়েশিয়া

    very helpful tutorial…

  • The Web Nerd

    Hey +WP Eagle, yoast slows down most WordPress websites by 10 -20 %, so I tend to not to use it for a client that wants a very fast page, however the sitemap is very useful… any other plugins that do site maps ?

  • Hap Hebrew

    So I submitted my site map and its pending but there is an 404 error under issues. What do I do next? Wow never mind I figured it out. Thanks anyways and thanks for this very helpful video of yours.

  • Lew Rowland

    Really nice video about using Yoast, SEO tools can do a great help.

  • M Alam

    Thanks for your reply.
    -It changes the main menu, but not the top menu, I dont know why.
    Anyway, I got another ques: Are there any theme where I can use for affiliate program and also for my own product, like hybrid theme.


  • M Alam

    How do I change the top menu background color in kingdom theme.

  • Armon McCord

    and how can I contact you

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