SEO TIP: On-Page Optimization With Yoast SEO Plugin

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16 thoughts on “SEO TIP: On-Page Optimization With Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Trippindian

    Hi! Can focus keyword be of more than 1 word? I have always been thinking that we are supposed to write 1 word in it.

  • Wilbert Vis

    I'm on a learn proces.
    End learning a small skille''s in more time's.
    So misssing skille''s fore a letter tape H.1 H2 H3
    Fore my webblog reviews!
    Who people can my learn that fasther of this skille''s?
    End like's to help me?!

  • Spoorthi Chinnvala

    Thanx a lot… it really helped a lot

  • Raquel Lopez

    Thank you so much for this. I have the plugin but needed to understand how to make use of it!

  • Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre

    Thanks for this! Very helpul!

  • tikoeskeboen. com

    thanks so much..

  • kelofduty

    Thank you so much. I've watched a couple of 1-hour long vids that bored the shit out of me. They were helpful, but it took the fun and interest that I originally came in with wanting to learn SEO with WordPress, so thank you for putting the interest and fun back for me. Good stuff. 11ish minutes– perfect.

  • Priya Chowdary

    Why i cant see find related key words and generate seo title options in my free yoast seo

  • Julfiker Hasnat

    Good.. helpful

  • Ashraful Arefin


  • Kelly Clark (the10principles)

    Great overview about the YOAST WordPress Pluggin.

  • Rokid Mania

    can i use more then one or two Focus Keywords for the same post ??

  • DX865ZX

    Dude your intro is way too long!

  • William Michaeli

    Having a bit of trouble with Yoast SEO.  I've done my best to hit everything that Yoast wants me to but it still shows red for almost everything that I know I've hit.  I don't know if it's something in my settings or what but it's getting annoying.  Any advise on what I might be missing or what options are turned off by default that should be turned on?

  • Taxicab America

    can u have 2 SEO plugins at the same time

  • Farah Rahim

    Thanks for the tips Derek!

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