SEO Tutorial for Beginners

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18 thoughts on “SEO Tutorial for Beginners

  • Creative House

    Thank you for beginners SEO tips……lot of helpful for us.

  • shoma akter

    i am new can i work seo

  • Michal Wilk

    Thanks for sharing

  • Rachael Cornwell

    I am just getting into SEO and have a question. do you RankYa do this to get people to see your personal websites or do you do it for clients to make money? or both? My second question is can you make pretty good money doing this? I am pretty computer savvy so I'm thinking of doing this for a career/job.

  • luisloorjr

    Your videos are an excellent learning tool, thanks for sharing. I am in the process of making a website for my non profit foundation and will possibly need your services for traffic. Please let me know if this is something you do and your fees, thanks again.

  • franc66

    this was so valuable. thank you

  • Rick

    guugle lol

  • Pankaj Kaushik

    Hi Tolga

    Your are star and solution of my all confusions , and i came back with another problem.

    Keyword stuffing is a thing that confuses me a lot while doing on page SEO. Is that any way through which i can manually check whether i have done keyword stuffing. i am confused if the keyword that i have defined in meta keyword tag fully checked while checking for excess utilization, for example i have defined keywords say "website designing companies in india" and "website designing and development companies"

    in this case if complete keyword sentence is checked in site content or some part of it like "website designing" will also be checked for repeatation?

    if words/sentence that is not part of my keyword list (meta keyword tag) checked while checking for keyword stuffing?

    character of keyword stuffing is page specific or site specific.

    please help on this


  • Shoiket Imran

    nice support for beginner

  • Alex Serrano

    Greetings…How are you?

  • Pankaj Kaushik

    Hi Rankya- i kow its seems silly but want to get answer of a basic question – In a single page website if a user comes , scroll the page and read the content ,perform some random clicks on page and at last leave that page, this all happens under 30 minutes.
    is this will be count as bounce?

  • Patrick Watson

    What a great tutorial for beginners and intermediates alike

  • Cantuğ Çavuşoğlu


  • MyIMPlace

    Great video very informative..

  • Firesaka5

    Thank you, very much, for your time! This information is very helpful and your delivery is very good.

  • Ralphunreal

    hey good video but wish the sound was higher. this was in 2013 so most of it is still relevant

  • jpaulglobal

    Do you offer services to personally assist? Thanks ~ Paul.

  • way 2earningtips

    super videos

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