WordPress SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial 2017 😀

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12 thoughts on “WordPress SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial 2017 😀

  • farhan akbar

    hi I can't find the SEO sitemap once I go into settings on the dash board.

  • Seo Rehan

    thnx for posting this video is most important and infomation for seo.can u send me complete video of using all plug in and set up.

  • Arun Kumar

    Thanks a lot! this is what im searching for… finally found it. But having some doubts
    1.How to use it for an ecommerce wordpress site?
    2.Before doing these should i attach my website to google webmaster?


    i followed your instructions but in my softacalous settings there is no were to put the ping list no update button? not under reading or writing any ideas?

  • Jolita Brilliant

    thank you

  • Willing Travel SB

    Thanks for sharing… its fantastic information

  • rimshotdk

    Great tutorial, thank you.

  • Matilda Melander

    So good video! Thank you :)

  • Stephen Espley

    Ok found it . On the tutorial from the reading page i had changed from static page to "your latest posts" Then changed back to home page and bingo! Perfect! Thanks

  • Stephen Espley

    I followed the 'most eccelent' tutorial that i think works however when i open my web page it opens to the blog page and not home page . Cant think what is directing it there . Any ideas.

  • Noraiz Khan

    Great post and it works for me

  • David Eveleigh

    This seems a really useful site.   However, I am confused.   At around 0mins, 38 seconds you seem to switch between recommending Common settings to be set to 'Post name' and 'Custom /structure'.   Which should be used?

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